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Aqua-Lift® Features at a Glance

Did you know that oil from traditional hydraulic boat lifts can contaminate the environment? If you are looking for a greener way to lift your boat, then the Aqua-Lift® is for you. Learn more about the benefits of using our lifts:

• The Aqua-Lift® is a free-standing boat lift (no pilings are required) and can be quickly installed in a matter of days, not months. They can also be easily removed for winter storage.
• Aqua-Lift® hoists your boat out of the water and keeps it stationary, without the use of bumpers and tie-off lines. This protects your boat from being banged against the dock. It's completely powered by the low-maintenance dependability of its water hydraulic cylinder, which is operated by water pressure from a common water supply — a garden hose.
• Aqua-Lift® is available in sizes and capacities to fit boats from 12- to 40-feet long, weighing up to 6 tons. All components are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, constructed for corrosion resistance and strength.
• Our lifts are also very quiet. No longer will you annoy your neighbors when you raise or lower your boat.